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Electronic Signature System

Organisations are trending towards the use of digital documents. This is to eliminate the use of paper-based systems, which necessitates the expensive cost of paper, handling of paper, its storage and retrieval by manual methods.

Electronic signature systems are required for signing of digital documents in a paperless environment. The system must be able to ensure that signatures in documents are genuine, not cut and paste from some other document, onto the signing document. The signing ceremony must be done in a controlled secured environment.

“Electronic signature adoption has accelerated in the context of remote working and digital transformation, with business process requirements driving solution selection.” - Gartner Research 2020

HiTTS has been implementing electronic signature solutions since 1997, especially in banks.

Our solution is customisable to the workflow of the organisation. Data integrity and issuer authenticity is guaranteed. The signing workflow processes are automated with real-time delivery to the signer(s).

Our solution complies with international standards so that the user organisation’s investment in our solution is safeguarded. Our solution is compatible with various devices, including smart phones, tablets, touchscreens laptops, signature pads.

DWA – Digital Workflow Automation

HiTTS’ DWA is a state-of-the-art workflow solution designed for flexibility to easily adapt to the unique workflow requirements of any organisation.

It incorporates the best of technologies in document management, e-signing, job routing, etc, to make possible a truly seamless end-to-end operations in a controlled environment.

Its flexibility to make changes to workflows easily means that the organisations using HiTTS’ DWA can make continual improvements to customer service efficiency and quickly without need for program code changes.

Some areas of use of HiTTS’ DWA is in approval processes of applications for loans, for credit cards, for invoice processing, etc.

SMART-VTS – Virtual Teller System

HiTTS’ SMART-VTS enables complex counter services to be performed by the customer at a self-service terminal.

These services include account opening, applying for a service, applying for a loan, applying for new cards, applying for card replacement, etc.

Help to the customer using the terminal is by the way of video conferencing. Should the customer encounters difficulty in completing a form, the form can be routed to the helper engaging with the customer for the helper to fill in the form for the customer.

Forms are digital documents so that the customer signs on a signature pad.

KYC (Know-Your-Customer) features are incorporated into SMART-VTS to positively identify the customer.

SMART-VTS provides for the acceptance of supporting documents, e.g., payslips, bank statements, electricity bills.

It is able to issue cards, such as ATM cards, SIM cards, etc. It is able to issue vouchers.

The system is designed for 24 hours 7 days a week operation.

It is able to accept cash payments and other forms of payments, such as e-wallets.

SMART-VTS can easily be customised for use by banks, telcos, utility companies, municipalities, retail supermarkets, etc.

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